VII. Limitations Of Scripting
What you can't do with scripting and the enhancements in PS CS

As great as scripting might be, it still lacks full documentation, you cannot script every tool of photoshop, and scripting some functions is sometime quite a hassle (see what the script listener regurgitates for example).

i. First let's see the changes brought by Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite:
(read the Adobe PDF doc, or search for 'Javascript Reference' on the Adobe website, the new documentation is much more helpful)

Here are some known problems/bugs/unscriptable functions:


This is just a small list of what you cannot do with scripting, now remember that scripting is an automating tool and will not ever replace you, your mouse & your creativity.

I also sincerely hope I actually overlooked or did not search long enough to find some of the above functions, and if you do find work arounds, or actual functions, or that in general you have something to share, feel free to post it in the Drawing & Design section of the forums !

Finally if you want to learn more: Ressources & Acknowledgements

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